Private–Public Partnership Strategic Plan

 You will create a Private–Public Partnership Strategic Plan Proposal. Your plan will be 1,100–1,500 words in APA format. Assignment Guidelines Remember that the 5 primary core mission areas for the Department of Homeland Security are as follows: Protection Prevention Mitigation Response Recovery For this assignment, you will complete the following: Continue to build upon your Week 3 IP, which covered protection. In this IP, you will address prevention, mitigation, and response. For the proposal, you will continue to elaborate on Week 3’s IP. You will use these from your previous IPs: City or jurisdiction Hazards and threats profiled Private-sector organizations You will build upon Week 3’s IP by defining in your own words the following: Prevention Mitigation Response You will also explain in detail how the city or jurisdiction and each of the 5 private-sector organizations can collaboratively partner and work together to prevent, mitigate, and improve their response to protect the community and improve overall preparedness and resiliency. Be sure to reference all of your sources using APA style.

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