In this module, you viewed Out of the Shadow (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., a film featuring a woman named Millie and her family. Later, when you write your Final Paper, you will develop a comprehensive plan of treatment for Millie using evidence-based interventions. This exercise serves as preparation for your final paper, as you’ll try out your skills at formulating assessments, treatment plan goals, and objectives. Consider Millie’s situation and level of functioning at a various moments in the film. Choose one of those moments, and drawing on the readings and lecture pertaining to assessment and treatment planning, write a 1-2 page journal entry in which you 1) provide a brief (one paragraph) assessment of a single problem area; 2) write an overall treatment goal for that problem area; and 3) create two treatment objectives for the goal. Reviewing the instructions in the Adams and Grieder (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.reading, check to make sure you are making correct distinctions between goals (which are broad and aspirational, tied to client desires) and objectives (which are specific and measureable). Your one-paragraph assessment should lay out the problem area in a way that is congruent with the goals and objectives you create.


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