The writing is designed to enable further inquiry on the topic beyond the texts, capable of finding and using resources, improving skills to synthesis. COMPARATIVE EDUCATION – EDUCATIONAL ACCESS AND OPPORTUNITY – BRAZIL AND SOUTH AFRICA – EDUCATIONAL ISSUES – WHAT ELEMENTS CAUSE THOSE ISSUES – BARRIERS, INEQUALITY – LINK WITH THE GLOBALIZED WORLD (CITE PAULO FREIRE, HARVEY, KNIGHT FRAMEWORK. LINK THE OPPORTUNITIES AND ISSUES WITH THE SOCIO-ECONOMIC-POLITICAL ISSUES IN THESE TWO COUNTRIES, AND RELATE TO THE GLOBALIZED WORLD. CONTENT PRESENTATION OF THE BOOK COMPARATIVE EDUCATION – CHAPTER 4 EDUCATIONAL ACCESS AND OPPORTUNITY – BRAZIL AND SOUTH AFRICA, AND APPLYING FRAMEWORK (HARVEY AND KNIGHT)- ANALYSIS-CRITIQUE This is part of a group presentation. A classmate will write and present the content of Chapter 4 (pages 123-145). YOU WILL WRITE ABOUT THE CONTENT of the book – EDUCATIONAL ACCESS AND OPPORTUNITY – Ch. 4 (from page 145-162) – You  will be presenting about the information you write… Please focus on the content of the book (main parts), what they say about quality education, issues, and EXPAND ON WHAT THE BOOK SAY.


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