Does all art have aesthetic properties?


Does all art have aesthetic properties? (Week 3, Week 5, Week 7) This is the second time that this essay will be written by this service. First time I have ordered 3 essays. I paid more than $750. 2 of them failed, out of those 2, one of them failed on the plagiarism test. Instructor’s comment that I got for the previous one: “This essay fails to provide an answer to the question set; shows little acquaintance with the relevant debates or readings; and indicates a failure to absorb basic material taught on the course. The notion of ‘aesthetic properties’ used in the essay has little to do with the topic as discussed in the class. There are citations to relevant readings, but what is stated has nothing to do with what the readings actually say. Overall, the essay does not reflect any engagement with the module.” So this has to be rectified this time. It is a philosophy essay, it should be clear and easily understandable. Please, avoid the mistakes that the previous writer made. It’s a philosophy essay that should be 3000 words (excluding bibliography). It’s okay if it’s 200 words shorter or longer. 

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