Please read the entire “Patient Connection” scenario on page 240.

 Please read the entire “Patient Connection” scenario on page 240.  Yvonne, the practice manager for city Pediatrician Group, calculated physician productivity for the month of May. One physician does not meet productivity. Yvonne struggles with encouraging physicians to increase productivity but wanting to maintain high quality and revenue integrity.  After reading the details in the text, what would you do if you were in Yvonne’s position? (PLEASE SEE ATTACHED FILE IS PAGE 240)

i just need 1-2 paragraphs


 Casto, Anne B. and White, Susan. Principles of Healthcare Reimbursement, 7th Ed. Chicago: AHIMA Press Publication.  ISBN: 978-1-58426-800-0; AHIMA Product No.: AB202019 

 Ambulatory and Other Medicare-Medicaid Reimbursement Systems. (2019). In A. B. Casto, Principles of Healthcare Reimbursement, Seventh Edition (pp. 240). Chicago: American Health Information Management Association. 

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